So, I saw a post this morning that let me know the Zune 3.0 release had occurred. I dutifully started my Zune software and tried to sign in. After accepting the new license agreement, the Zune software recognized that an update was available and politely asked if I wanted to upgrade.



And then this:


Ok, so I'm running Windows Server 2008 as my desktop, so what? Am I to be punished because I need to run server products on a daily basis and using a VM to do so is a pain? Now I have to install Vista in a VM in order to use the latest Zune software? Oh, and it would have to be VMWare because lame ass VPC doesn't do USB devices yet.

The previous version of the Zune software runs excellently under 2008, I hope this gets resolved soon.

UPDATE: Was able to install it following these steps 1. Uninstall Zune 2.5 2. Extract the files from zunesetuppkg-x86 using zunesetuppkg-x86.exe /extract 3. Run the Zune-x86.msi from the packages folder