Together@PDC2008 So I am at the PDC this year with the Together @ PDC2008 program from Microsoft. This allows various people to go to the PDC with Microsoft Employees. This year I am buddied up with Chris Bowen, my Regional Developer Evangelist.

There are some special events that you get to do on Sunday before the event starts, mostly just some networking stuff and a few presentations. As part of the deal to hang out with the Microsofties, I had to agree to bring the PDC back to my area. If you haven't already heard about this, Microsoft is holding little mini PDC's in many cities around the country called MSDN Developers Conference. As a participant in the Together@ program I'll be presenting one of the topics (TBD) at the Boston event on January 22nd 2009.

From the Facebook page for the event , "Building on the buzz, excitement, and industry-changing announcements of the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC), the MSDN Developer Conference will deliver the core message, content, and experience of the PDC in a one-day, multi-track event to multiple cities across the United States."

The agenda is already online at the site and there are a lot of very cool topics. The event will only cost $99 when registration opens up on Monday October 20th 2008. Hope to see you there!