Prime\[31\] Unity, the popular game engine for Windows and Windows Phone, continues to add features that increase developer productivity, making it easier to target the Windows platform with your games. Their most recent Unity 4.5.1 release has better, faster 2D graphics, improved touch screen keyboard support, compass, and a number of bug fixes.

We are excited about this momentum and have partnered with prime[31], a leading Unity plug-in provider, to bring you their Windows Phone and Windows Store Unity plug-ins, now free for a year.

prime[31], one of the most popular providers of plug-ins for Windows and Windows Store, make it easier for you to implement in app-purchases, use Live Tiles, monetize via ads, and connect to Azure storage. Starting today, through June 2015, you will be able to get all these plug-ins for free:

Functionality provided Windows Store 8.0 and 8.1 Windows Phone 8.0 *
Handling trial and in-app purchases Store plug-in Store plug-in
To get Live tiles, toast notifications Metro Essentials plug-in Metro Essentials plug-in
To give you access to the Microsoft Ad SDK Microsoft ads plug-in Microsoft ads plug-in
For easy access to Azure storage Microsoft Azure plug-in Microsoft Azure plug-in

* Note that Windows Phone 8.1 support and corresponding free plug-ins will be coming soon.

To take advantage of this offer and get your free plug-ins, visit the prime[31] website; free plug-ins will be marked as ‘Download Now.’ Please provide your name and email so prime[31] can send you the license, then just import the plug-in into your Unity project.

You can see installation and other information at Plug-in Documentation. Also visit the prime[31] YouTube Channel for videos on how to get set up. For technical questions and support, please use the prime[31] support forums.

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Don’t forget about the Unity Developer contest with over $100K USD in prizes. Game submissions will be accepted through July 20, so be sure to download your prime[31] plug-ins and publish your game to have an opportunity to win.