So if after //Build/ 2014 you updated your prized Nokia Developer device to the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview, you may have been disappointed to find that Cortana was not available. However, it’s a fairly easy set of steps to enable Cortana on your developer device so that you can begin integrating the service into your own apps!

Enabling Cortana

imageThe steps to enable Cortana on a developer device, mirror those for enabling Cortana on a device that is outside of the US. The developer devices that Nokia ships are set to the United Kingdom as the default Language and Region. All you need to do is set these to the US and Cortana will magically appear.





imageTo change your phone’s language, open the Settings app, then select “language” and add “English (United States)” as a language as a new entry and make it the active language. You will need to restart your device.






imageThen to change the region, open the Settings app, the select “region” and set the “country/region” to “United States”. Also make sure that the “regional format” to “match phone language” language setting. You will need to restart your phone after making these changes as well.






If you have competed these steps successfully, then you will now have Cortana in your list of apps. Next we will take a look at how to integrate Cortana into your apps!