Chris Charla, Director of ID@Xbox, posted today on the Xbox blog some really great news for game developers who want to, or have thought about creating games for the Xbox One. The Xbox team has been posting information slowly about the ID@Xbox program which is the way for Indies to self publish on the Xbox One platform. The news today lets us know that the toolset of choice is Unity, which we were already told about previously, but it lacked details.

So the details:

  1. ID@Xbox members will receive the Xbox One add-on for Unity at no additional cost.
  2. ID@Xbox member will receive special Xbox One-only Unity Pro seat licenses


This is freaking awesome! With the other announcements surrounding Unity 4.2 including free exporters for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, game developers can target all the Microsoft platforms with a single toolset for FREE*.

* You will need a license for Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro ( for Windows Phone development ) and Developer Subscription for the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, which may or may not cost you real money.