GitHub Student Developer Pack + VS Community == Awesome! The GitHub Student Developer Pack is a great free offer for students, with terrific tools and services from GitHub partners, but felt it was missing something: our world-class IDE. Today we’ve announced that Visual Studio Community 2013 is joining the GitHub Student Developer Pack, and is tailor-made for the student, startup, open-source, and cross-platform communities, many of whom can be found on GitHub already.

Today, Soma and Steven Guggenheimer announced that VS Community and all of the tools included in Microsoft DreamSpark are joining the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

We’re inviting GitHub-loving students to check out more of our great free tools such as SQL Server and Windows Store developer accounts, as well as our free training courses on Microsoft Virtual Academy including how to get started with GitHub in Visual Studio.

We’ve been connecting students with our dev tools for years through DreamSpark. With partners like GitHub, we’ll continue to ensure student developers worldwide in every community have access to the tools and resources they need to continue building their skills and bringing their ideas to life.

Novel partnerships like this will continue to be the hallmark of Microsoft Imagine as we help the next generation not only learn to program, but learn to love the power of working with first class developer tools and cloud services.