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The Skinny Version

Who: Developers, Designers, Wanna-be’s ( i.e Everyone )

What: Free Training, Stuff, and a 2-Week Hackathon

When: Saturday November 16th

Where: Microsoft Offices, 1 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142



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Event Description

Learn to make amazing Windows Phone apps at Boston Nokia DVLUP Day and win big prizes just for participating. Nokia Ambassadors, Lance McCarthy and Nick Landry, will provide hands-on Windows Phone development training. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or don’t know a line of code, you will walk away with the ability to write an app.

With full example source code and step by step instructions, you will learn how to make an app from scratch. There are three individual tracks for you depending on what you want to build and your programming skill level, there is something for everyone; games or apps.

As an attendee you get the following:

  • A Windows Phone 8. Every attendee who updates or publishes an app within 2 weeks of the event will get a new Nokia Lumia 620 Windows Phone 8 device
  • A heavy-duty swag backpack. The swag bag is chock full of goodies, even the backpack itself is worth $89 (it’s a Wenger, Swiss Gear TSA friendly laptop bag).
  • A Nokia Developer Offers token. This contains the following:
    • Microsoft Windows Phone DevCenter account (this is your portal to publish apps to the Windows Phone Store and also unlocks physical devices for building apps)
    • Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone license
    • Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Phone
    • BugSense Performance Monitoring solution for Windows Phone (3 months)
  • $50 AdDuplex credit (approx. 20k ad impressions). When your app is live, you’ll be entered to win:
    • 1st place- 1,000,000 ad impressions
    • 2nd place- 500,000 ad impressions
    • 3rd place- 250,000 ad impressions
  • PreApps.com app placement credit. PreApps.com is giving every attendee credit towards app placement on the PreApps website!


There will be 2 random drawings for all attendees to win a Nokia Lumia “Hero” device of their choice (Lumia 1020, 928, 925, 920). The first drawing will be held at 5 PM after the day of training for all attendees. The second drawing will be held at the end of the mini-hackathon for the attendees who stayed to code and get hands-on help.

There will also be random giveaways throughout the day for swag, Telerik licenses, gadgets and more.

Breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner will be provided.




November 16th - DVLUP Day


08:00 AM : MacBook clinic

09:00 AM : Registration, breakfast and networking

10:00 AM : Sessions start (tracks 1, 2 and 3)

12:00 PM : Lunch

12:30 PM: Sessions resume

02:00 PM : Track 1, 2 and 3 end

02:15 PM : Combined track begins

04:30 PM : Combined track ends, giveaways

05:00 PM : Sessions end, dinner is served, mini-hackathon begins

08:30 PM : Mini-Hackathon ends, final prizes awarded

09:00 PM : End of event, 2 week hackathon begins!

Track Descriptions

Track One: Native development (10AM - 2PM): Learn how to write Windows Phone apps with XAML/C# and explore the amazing APIs available to you. From the built-in task classes to advanced Bluetooth/NFC/Camera approaches, Lance McCarthy, Nokia Ambassador for the Northeast US, will show you how easy it is to write great apps with ease. This track comes with full source code and slides.

Track Two: App Studio development (10AM-2PM): Learn how to generate a store-ready Windows Phone app in under an hour using Microsoft’s App Studio. Nick Landry, Nokia Ambassador for the Mid-Atlantic US, will show you how to get started with App Studio and also take you through how to download the source code for the finished app to customize it even further.

Track Three: Game Development (10 AM-2PM): Learn how to make fun games for Windows Phone and Windows 8 using Unity3D and Construct2. Michael Cummings, Bob Familiar and Jim O’Neil,  Microsoft Technical Evangelists, will show you how to code casual 2D games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone using a variety of technologies such as Unity & Construct 2.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to attend track 3, please register on meetup in addition to your registration for DVLUP Day.

Combined track (2:15-5PM): A combination of app demos from the event hosts that highlight their favorite approaches to Windows Phone development (for example, Lance will demonstrate some Windows Phone Bluetooth and Netduino fun). Each presenter will spend 30 minutes to show you the app and dissect it for you to see how to do it yourself. This session is to spark your imagination.

For more details see the complete post on the Nokia DVLUP blog!